More NYC marriage index images uploaded to Internet Archive

The not-for-profit group Reclaim the Records has recently uploaded more images to its index of marriages for New York City.

There are 176,136 images that have been added to the collection that is available on Internet Archive.
The images added are for the following years:
Manhattan: 1930-1945
Bronx: 1930-1945
Kings: 1930 – 1945
Queens: 1930 – 1947
Staten Island: 1939 – 1950

To view the images, go to: and search on “NYC marriage index” or “NYC Marriage Index” and your borough of interest – such as “NYC Marriage Index” and Queens.

The group is working on uploading more images in near future.

New Bronx County records available on

New records for Bronx County have recently been added to

The database covers the divorce and civil case records from 1914-1951 and from 1961-1995. These records are the index to the Clerks’ Minutes of the Office of the Bronx County Clerk.

The minutes are organized by year and then semi-alphabetically by the plaintiff’s name. The records may include the date of the complaint, the names of the plaintiff and the defendant and the volume and file number of the case.

Just a reminder, divorce records in New York are closed for 100 years. Only the parties involved can request copies of records less than 100 years old.

Copies of records beyond the 100-year mark or not subject to restriction can be requested from:

Office of the Bronx County Clerk
Attn. Mark Nusebaum, Records Manager
851 Grand Concourse, Room 118
Bronx, NY 10451
(718) 618-3377

Bronx probate estate files available has recently added a database for Bronx Probate Estate Files, 1914-1931.

However, after reading the notes for the database, it is noted that the file only contains probate records up to 1929 and administration files only for 1914-1916.

There are over 770,000 images in the collection. You can search the records by surname.

To access the file, go to:

NYC Potter’s Field has searchable index

NYC Potter’s Field has searchable index

In April 2013, the New York City Department of Corrections announced that it had created a searchable database for those buried on Hart Island in the Bronx.

Hart Island is one of several locations in New York City that was used to bury the unknown or indigent.

The databases contains names of people buried there since 1977 and contains about 65,000 names.

To search the database, go to: