Free webinars to cover slave narratives, Chicago research

Three free webinars will take place this week covering topics of Chicago research, British Isles migration and slave narratives.

The Illinois State Genealogical Society will present “Researching Pre-Fire Chicago” on Tuesday, Sept. 11 at 8 p.m. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was a turning point in Chicago’s history. The rebuilding of the city enhanced Chicago’s (and thus Illinois’s) position on the world stage. For genealogists, the fire presents a challenge as many important records were lost – including vital records. But it didn’t all burn! Maps, diaries, church records, directories, newspapers, and other records survived.

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Legacy Family Tree Webinars will present “Examining Migration and Researching Migrants in the British Isles” on Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. This webinar will examine the reasons for migration and focus on the individual migration groups coming to the British Isles. The United Kingdom is in an interesting position in that it sits within Europe and yet also has been a focal point of Empire, some of which influenced migrants.

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Legacy Family Tree Webinars will present “Slave Narratives: Telling the Story of Slavery and Families” on Friday, Sept. 14 at 2 p.m. The WPA Federal Writers’ Project (FWP) of the late 1930’s provides us with more than 2,300 first person accounts of former slaves. The slave narratives, with their autobiographical accounts, can provide insight into the institution, rich context, and clues for family research.

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British Isles Research Seminar to be offered in March

The Family History Library in Salt Lake City will present a free British Isles Research Seminar on March 13-17, 2017.

You need not be in Salt Lake City to attend the classes. You will need to register online even if you are attending online. When registering, you must check all the days you wish to attend.

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All times are Eastern time.

Monday, March 13
3 p.m. – Blessings and Curses of Tracing Welsh Ancestry
4 p.m. – Welsh Naming Patterns and Customs

Tuesday, March 14
3 p.m. – How to Trace England Ancestry Online
4 p.m. – Tracing Non-Church of England Ancestry

Wednesday, March 15
3 p.m. – Scotland’s Lost Other Half: Tracing Difficult Ancestral Lines in Scotland’s Non-Parochial Registers
4 p.m. – Using Church of Scotland Parochial Registers to Trace Scots Ancestry

Thursday, March 16
3 p.m. – Turing the Tables on Tracing Elusive Ancestry in England/Wales Civil Registration Records
4 p.m. – England Resources for Family history at FindMyPast

Friday, March 17
11 a.m. – Tracing Irish Roman Catholic Ancestry
Noon – Finding Ancestry in Ireland Civil Registration Records
1 p.m. – Ireland Census and Census Substitutes
3 p.m. – The Scots-Irish Plantation and Settlement of Ulster in the 17th Century
4 p.m. – Key Websites for Tracing Ancestry in Ireland