More records available for NYC marriage license index

The not-for-profit group Reclaim the Records recently announced it has added more records to its New York City marriage license index. The database now includes the years 1996-2017.

The new 1950-2017 database is broken into two different time frames: 1950-1995 and 1996-2017. These are indexes to every marriage license filed, not necessarily every marriage in New York City.

The group has noted that there are approximately 30,000 missing records particularly for the 1950s-1960s.

Beginning in June 2011, New York State started to legally recognize same-sex marriages. Therefore, for the 2011-2017 portion of the database, headers of “bride” and “groom” are referred to as “Spouse #1” and “Spouse # 2”.

To search the data from 1950-2017, go to:

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