More records added to Fresh Pond Crematory index

The German Genealogy Group recently updated information for its Fresh Pond Crematory and U. S. Columbarium Interment Index. It added 5,424 records for the years 2015-2017.

The Fresh Pond Crematory and Columbarium is the oldest operating crematory in the United States. The crematory is located in Middle Village, New York.

This database contains an index to over 215,000 cremations that took place at the Fresh Pond Crematory, many of which are interred in niches at the U. S. Columbarium on the same property. It also includes over 4,000 people cremated elsewhere and whose cremains are in niches at the columbarium.

The crematory has additional information for each individual including: age, marital status, last residence, birthplace, date of birth, date of death, information on the next of kin, and funeral home. Some of the files may also contain family correspondence and obituaries that appeared in newspapers.

To obtain this information fill out the form found on the website with the name of the person of interest, the case ID, and your mailing address. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. The fee for this information is $36.

Please note: They will not give any information for persons that died less than 50 years ago except to people who can supply proof that they are direct relatives.

To search the index, go to: and on the left side of the page select “Database Searches” and then select Crematory.

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