New ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ episodes begin May 21

The genealogy show “Who Do You Think You Are?” will be back for its 10th season on TLC on Monday, May 21 at 9 p.m.

This season will feature the following celebrities:
*Hilary Duff traces her family history back to medieval Scotland, discovering royalty in her lineage.
*Jean Smart learns that her eight times great-grandmother was arrested for witchcraft.
*Jon Cryer travels to Boston and learns that his nine times great-grandfather was an indentured servant who made his way to America under harrowing circumstances.
*Laverne Cox uncovers new information about her three times great grandfather who carved out his place in society just a few years after his emancipation from slavery.
*Megan Mullally chases the legacy of her father’s line and uncovers the story of how her two times great-grandmother persevered despite being caught in a cycle of domestic abuse.
*Molly Shannon travels to Ireland to unravel the mystery of her maternal line, uncovering ancestors who were forced to change their religion in the face of impending starvation.

To view clips of previous episodes, go to:

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