New index to Gravesend Town Records available

A new New York City database was recently added to the German Genealogy Group website.

Gravesend Town Records is an index to early records of the town of Gravesend, Kings County, New York. These records are kept at the New York City Municipal Archives.

The records are contained in six books:
Book 1, Town Meetings, 1646 – 1653
Book 2, Deeds & Leases, 1653 – 1670
Book 3, Town Meetings, 1656 – 1705
Book 4, Court Minutes 1662-1699
Book 5, Deeds and Leases 1672 – 1686
Book 6, Patents & Deeds 1645-1701

A search of names will give the Book Number and the number of pages on which that name appears. To find out the procedure and cost of obtaining copies of the records, contact the NYC Records Department at When contacting the Records Department make sure to give the full record, including which books you are interested in and the number of pages.

Gravesend was one of the original towns in the Dutch colony of New Netherland and became one of the six original towns of Kings County in colonial New York. It was the only English chartered town in what became Kings County and was designated the “Shire Town” when the English assumed control, as it was the only one where records could be kept in English.

These records are transcriptions of the original records and very readable. In addition to the typical records you would expect – patents, property transfers, taxes, arrests, court proceedings, there are marriage, birth and death records.

To search this index, go to: and click on Database Searches and then Other NYC & Long Island.

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