Buffalo death index online for 1852-1944

The not-for-profit organization Reclaim the Records has recently obtained and uploaded the death index for Buffalo, New York for the years 1852-1944.

Previously these records were only available onsite in Buffalo. Some of the issues with the images include pages being cut off on the far right side of the page or in some cases the bottom of the page. Also, pages can be out of order. If the page you are looking for appears to be missing check at the beginning and the end of the book you are looking at.

For the years 1891-1897 there is a second page of data for each index entry which include the person’s parents’ names, father’s place of birth, mother’s place of birth and exact date of birth instead of just the year.

Copies of the certificates can be obtained from the Buffalo city clerk’s office or the Department of Health in Albany.

To search the indexes, go to: http://archive.org/details/buffalodeathindex

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