added name index for New York City Death Index has recently added a name index for the New York City Death Index for the years 1949-1965.
The index includes separate listings for stillbirths.

The information from the index comes from the New York City Health Department. Some images are faint and may not be included in the index. Images can be browsed by year if a name search is not successful.

Information in the index includes: name, age at death, date of death, death certificate number, medical examiner case number and borough in which they died. Boroughs are listed by letter: M=Manhattan, K=Kings (Brooklyn), Q=Queens, R=Richmond (Staten Island), X=Bronx and Y=Outside of the City.

Codes can also be found next to age at death: M=minutes, H=Hours, D=Days and L=Months. Library Edition can be found in many public libraries. To find the New York City Death index, just go to the Search tab and select the Card Catalog. Use the keywords “New York City Death Index 1849-1965”.

A free New York City Death Index is available for the mid-1800s up to 1948 on both the Italian Genealogy Group and German Genealogy Group websites.

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