offers free access to Black History collection

In recognition of Black History Month, Fold3 is making the records in its Black History collection available for free through the end of February.

The Black History collection gives access to more than 1 million documents, records, and photos that help to capture the African-American experience. The collections are divided up into five eras of American history: Slavery, The Civil War, Reconstruction and Jim Crow Laws, World War I & II, and the Civil Rights Movement.

Some of the collections available include:

*Danish West Indies – Slavery and Emancipation
*Suppression of Slave Trade and Colonization (1854-72)
*Amistad – Federal and Supreme Court records
*American Colonization Society
*Board of Commissioners – Emancipation of Slaves in DC
*Court Slave Records for DC
*South Carolina Estate Inventories and Bills of Sale, 1732-1872
*”Colored Troops”

To access the collections, go to:

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