New index created for 1890 NYC Police Census recently released a new index to the 1890 Police Census of New York City.

This index includes 87% of the people recorded in the census – about 1,478,000 names. The previous index, available on, only contained 3% of those indexed.

The index covers 894 of the original 1,008 volumes. The remaining 114 volumes no longer exist.

The census is called the “Police Census” because police acted as enumerators. It was taken after the 1890 federal census because the New York City government felt that not all of the city’s residents had been enumerated.

Once you identify someone in the index, you can request copies of the microfilm from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City or copies of the microfilm are available at many repositories such as the New York Public Library main library on Fifth Avenue.

To use the new index, go to:

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