Magazine lists top genealogy sites for 2016

Magazine lists top genealogy sites for 2016


Family Tree Magazine recently published its 101 Best Websites for 2016.

This year’s listings feature many newcomers so these rising stars are noted with the ☆ symbol. If a listing has a $ that means it requires payment to really take advantage of the offerings.

The following is a list categories for this year’s selection:

2016 Best Big Genealogy Websites
2016 Best Websites for Exploring Your Ancestors’ Lives
2016 Best US Genealogy Websites
2016 Best Sites for Sharing Your Genealogy
2016 Best Websites for Putting Ancestors on the Map
2016 Best Genealogy Library Websites
2016 Best Websites for Finding Ancestors in Old Newspapers
2016 Best African-American Genealogy Websites
2016 Best Cemetery and Directory Sites for Genealogy
2016 Best Tech Tools for Genealogy in 2016
2016 Best Immigrant Ancestors Websites
2016 Best British & Irish Genealogy Websites
2016 Best International Genealogy Websites
2016 Best Genetic Genealogy Websites
2016 Best Genealogy News & Help Websites

To view the sites online, go to: YOu can also check out the paper copy of the magazine at our library.

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