NYC Lutheran church record indexes available online

The Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society recently announced that it has completed the Geissenhainer Pastoral Records database.

The Rev. Frederick W. Geissenhainer Jr. documented his pastoral acts during his tenure at St. Matthew’s and St. Paul’s Lutheran Churches in New York City between 1827 and his death in 1879.

These were Lutheran Churches that primarily served the German population of New York City in the mid-1800s, during the height of German immigration.

All of the baptism, marriage, and confirmation entries from the Geissenhainer records have been transcribed. Entries for confirmations stopped in 1860, while those for marriages continued through 1870. Baptisms spanned the entire timeframe from 1827 through 1879. The database contains 1,180 confirmation records; 5,663 marriages; and 11,698 baptisms, for a total of over 18,000 records.

To access the database, you can go to the Mid-Atlantic Germanic Scoeity website at: In the search box, under record type, you can select either baptisms, confirmations or marriages.


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