Rochester (N.Y.) church records available online

Looking for church records for ancestors who lived in Rochester? You may find answers in the Rochester Church Indexing Project database or the digitized records of the Rochester Genealogical Society.

The Rochester Churches Indexing Project is a datatbase of 38 churches including churches of many denominations including: Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Evangelical. Currently there are over 30,000 marriages, 56,900 baptism, 5,300 deaths in the database. This is an ongoing project.

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The Rochester Genealogical Society has digitized church records to include marriages, baptisms, burials and membership records. The denominations represented include: Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Reformed, Church of Christ, Methodist and Baptist. There are also digitized records from Mount Hope Cemetery covering the years 1837-1906.

For more information, go to: and click on the link for digitized records.

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