Death notice index added to Troy website

The Troy (N.Y.) Irish Genealogy Society has recently posted an index to 6,198 death notices that were published in five different Troy, New York newspapers from 1797 to 1860.

The five  Troy newspapers included in the index are:  Troy Budget, Troy Gazette,  Troy Sentinel
Troy Times  and  Troy Whig.

In addition to the name of the deceased, other entries show the age, date of death, names of newspapers that reported the death along with the newspaper date, page and column number where you will find the death notice.  If the person was a former military veteran, the rank held may be shown.

The residence for the deceased is not just Troy, but may cover all areas of New York State, other states and even foreign countries.

To see these records,  go to:

Click on Projects and then under Death Records click on Death Notices Appearing in Troy Newspapers.

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