Free webinar to focus on how to use Pinterest

Legacy Family Tree will be offering a free webinar on Wednesday, July 8 , at 9 p.m., entitled “Pinning Your Family History.”

Have you considered using a variety of social media “pinning” sites like Pinterest to share your family history photos and stories? You might be surprised at the connection you can make with other genealogists as well as family members. Using social media pinning sites such as Pinterest, What Was There, History Pin and even Google Maps allows you to not only share your family history photos, but you never know who will find your content.

The webinar will cover:
– Review of the “pinning” craze and how pinning works
– Scanning family history content to pin
– How family historians are using pinning sites
– Pinning sites you should know
– Copyright and pinning sites
– Pinning best practices for family historians

You must register for this free webinar. To register, go to:

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