Three free webinars available this Wednesday

This Wednesday, May 20, is a great day to expand your genealogy horizons. Three free webinars will take place, one in the afternoon and two in the evening.

Legacy Family Tree Webinars will present “Martha Benshura – Enemy Alien” at 2 p.m. Not all of our ancestors became naturalized citizens. The one who didn’t suddenly became suspect when war divided their native countries from their new homes, creating the kinds of records genealogists love.

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The Georgia Genealogical Society will present “Make Your Ancestry Come Alive Using Your DNA” at 8 p.m. This webinar will provide an easy to understand introduction on how to use your DNA to help find your ancestry and verify that it is correct. It will explain how Y-DNA, mtDNA, atDNA and X-chromosome results for you and your relatives can be used to support traditional family history and break through brick walls.

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The Southern California Genealogical Society will present “The WPA Era: What It Created for Genealogists” at 9 p.m. The 1930s and 1940s government programs put many to work. The Works Progress Administration workers created record transcriptions, abstracts, indexes plus courthouse, cemetery, church, and manuscript inventories. This webinar will address how to find some of these records online.

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