Swedish records free this weekend

The Swedish genealogy database company Arkivdigital will be free this weekend from at 7:01 p.m. tonight until approximately 7 p.m. on Sunday.

Arkidigital’s database consists of about 53 million digital color images of Swedish church records, estate inventories, court records, tax/census records and other historical records. The company adds about 600,000 color images each month.

A listing of the records that are included in the database can be found on the Arkivdigital website by clicking on the left side of the page on Image Database and then clicking on the link for Coverage Table.

If you have not already registered on the website, you will need go to the register form and fill in the information requested. In addition, to browse and read the digital documents (like Swedish church records and inventory of estate) it will be necessary to install Arkivdigital’s software program.

For more information about the free weekend, go to the website at: http://www.arkivdigital.net/

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