Jewish genealogy group to meet this Sunday

The Jewish Genealogy Group of Long Island will meet this Sunday, Nov. 23, from 2- 4 p.m. at the Mid-Island Y-JCC.

The program will be “The Name Remains the Same: Adventures Finding Sid Caesar’s Grandmother.” The speaker will be Robin Meltzer.

When Sid Caesar died in February 2014, many press reports repeated the myth that the family’s name had been “changed at Ellis Island” on their arrival from Austria. Careful research proved that the family’s surname remained unchanged from the time they lived in Galicia through their immigration to the United States. This presentation will explain the search techniques used to find the embarkation list and passenger manifest for Sid Caesar’s grandmother and great-uncle and how others can apply these methodologies to their own research.

For more information, go to the club’s website at:

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